About us

See more, learn more, do more with Europax Tour!

Our company was formed to provide a safe, informative, in-depth & FUN traveling experience for visitors to Hungary and Central Europe.

Traveling with us you will truly experience the culture, and become acquainted with the people, instead of just "seeing the sights."

Create that perfect holiday! Whatever your individual requirements may be you can be assured that we are expert at designing a personal itinerary, tailor-made specifically to your needs. Your itinerary will be tailored around the time you have available to travel, your sightseeing preferences, the level of accommodation you require, your transport preference, how many meals you would like included and most importantly your budget. We’ll advise you on handpick charming overnight stays and all the must-sees and best-avoided sights en route. Let us take the hassle out of planning your holiday by advising you on the most scenic routes with the quickest connections to save you time.

We are more than just professionals: we actually love Hungary and Central Europe and we constantly tour the area just by ourselves, without guests, to see and explore the endless wonders of the area and meet the wonderful people. This means we have the experience, we know the places we take our guests and we proudly present Europe as our home.

Our trips are active & interesting, but still allow time to unwind, relax & appreciate where you are. Our personal attention & care creates a group camaraderie not found on most tours. We have friends returning 2-3 times for the same trip!

For business travelers, we can find the perfect partner for you and arrange business meetings with the highest level officials and company leaders. We offer full service with airport transfers, restaurant and catering services as well as meeting arrangements.

We are ecologically & culturally sensitive to the land & people. We work hard to assure we have a positive impact on the areas we visit. With our head office in Budapest, Hungary we look after you from arrival to departure.